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Websites are a huge thing to have as it makes it easy to show off your business/product/service to the world. I’m able to create all different styles and types of websites. It can range from a basic one with a couple of pages and some content – to an advanced one with hundreds of pages, a user login area, booking system, appointment system, and more! All of the websites I create are fully responsive which means they will work well on all devices, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. I’ll also create your website complete with a content management system (usually WordPress) to allow you and/or your staff to edit the content of the website quickly and easily. Once you contact me initially, we can organise a meeting so that I can find out exactly what your business is about and we can work together to make the website that’s best for your business.

WordPress Themes

Whether you want me to install a WordPress theme you like and make it look how you want it and put your content onto it for you or whether you want me to create a WordPress theme for you, I’m able to do it. If I’m installing a WordPress theme I’ll ensure it’s done properly and I’ll check the theme you have chosen to ensure it’s the one for you. If you want me to create a theme for you, we’ll need to meet and discuss what you want to get out of your theme and what style you’d like. Once the theme is created, I’ll install it for you and teach you how to edit the content on it.


I’m not just a website creator, I’m also able to create back-end systems such as online appointment systems, booking systems, user areas, and much more! These would be web based systems which would allow you/your staff to access them from anywhere. Security is top of my priority list when it comes to creating a system which will put your mind at ease. Systems can take a lot longer than a website as it’s a lot of complex coding, therefore you don’t want someone that’s going to try to get it to you quickly and missing out on some of the basics. I’ll take my time on your system to ensure it’s done properly and I’ll keep in constant contact with you to ensure the system is how you want it and you know where I am with it. To create your system I’ll mainly be using SQL databases and PHP.


I’m able to train you/your staff on the systems I create or systems that I use within your website. After your website or system is finished I can offer you further training and support packages to ensure that you’re capable of getting full use out of it. Support packages can also include further work to the website/system in the future, for example if modifications are needed after it’s all finished and handed to you. I’m also able to train you on things like WordPress and other systems if you’re not sure on how to use them – even if you haven’t purchased a website from me.

Web Hosting

I will generally host the websites that I create but if you’re looking for someone to host your website that’s already been made then please get in touch. Web hosting packages can be emailed to you with specifications and prices. Web hosting basically means I’ll host your website files on my server so that your website is online for the rest of the world to see.